Warehousing and storage service

Storage and warehousing services for goods and furniture, connected with national and international removals and transport, are particularly delicate operations that need to be carried out by experienced staff and in suitable premises. In addition, further critical issues arise when storage and warehousing concern objects of particular value and delicacy, such as works of art. The Europa Service team of professionals is able to offer this delicate service, ensuring the storage and warehousing of furniture, works of art and goods, according to the highest safety standards, even in the medium/long term. The activities are carried out inside the large warehouses in Rome and Moscow. Over 3,000 square metres of space that can also accommodate entire furnishings for homes and offices, points of sale, showrooms or temporary stores.

Goods storage and warehousing in Rome and Moscow

One of the most delicate phases of goods transport is their storage in a suitable warehouse, before departure or after arrival. Products must be properly packed and stored to prevent damage or deterioration. At Europa Service, thanks to our long experience in the logistics sector and adequate means and infrastructures, we guarantee short, medium and long term storage as well as temporary warehousing, within warehouses also equipped with cold rooms. Goods storage and warehousing services are provided at both the Rome and Moscow sites and also include related bureaucratic assistance.

Furniture storage and warehousing in Rome and Moscow

During a domestic or international move, whether of a private home or an office, the storage and warehousing of furniture can be a problem. It is necessary to have an adequate warehouse, both in terms of space and security measures, and suitable handling equipment. In addition, it is essential to carefully handle the packing and handling of objects. At Europa Service, we offer a high-quality all-inclusive service for everything to do with the storage and warehousing of furniture, furnishings and personal effects. Storage and warehousing services are provided at both the Rome and Moscow locations and include related bureaucratic assistance.

Art Storage

In more than 30 years of activity, we have gained specific experience in the management of the transport of works of art, which involves special precautions right from the packaging and storage phase. Europa Service’s staff is specialised and directly takes care of all the operations from taking charge of the artefacts to their delivery at destination. In particular, the storage and warehousing of works of art within warehouses equipped with secure bunkers and under 24-hour video surveillance.

Cost estimate for storage and warehousing services

If you need a storage and warehousing service for goods or furniture and would like to receive a quote from us to find out the price, our team will be happy to put themselves at your disposal. You can contact us using the form below or via Whatsapp at 334.96.03.910.

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