Truck Transport to Russia

Truck transport to Russia

Our company has been active for years in the management of truck transport to Russia. We cater for every product sector, guaranteeing a service of the highest quality. The knowledge of the territory of the Russian Federation, the largest state in the world, allows us to deliver the goods of our customer companies in a short time and ensuring total assistance in those aspects that go beyond mere transport.

Trucking to Russia

The Russian Federation, due to its greatness and particular territory, is a key business partner for many sectors. In the light of this aspect, the search for a quality reference for truck transport to Russia is of great importance.
Our company, which has been active for several years in the management of this service, offers not only the possibility to ship your goods to Russia thanks to a Rome - Moscow truck route, but also complete consultancy regarding the document assistance and carrying out of all the bureaucratic formalities, including those relating to the deposit of VAT and the management of customs formalities.
All this can be realized thanks to a targeted assistance in the local language.

Freight transport in Russia

As a leader in the sector of truck transport to Russia for some time now in, we deal with:
o    Full loads
o    Partial loads and groupage
o    Project-based transport of goods
o    Exceptional transport

Thanks to our branch in Moscow, we can guarantee the highest quality of the storage processes.

Over time, we have managed the needs of many companies that, aiming to maximize their turnover, have turned to us with regard to the road transport of different kinds of goods in Russia.

In these situations, in fact, nothing should be left to chance. The success of the company projects depends on the quality of the partner chosen for the transport. This is why it is necessary to rely on a consolidated reality, with a strong knowledge of a complex territory like that of the Russian Federation, a context where it can often be difficult to manage export, even just because of the different and numerous bureaucratic regulations.

Europa Service guarantees the highest quality from this point of view, starting from the moment when the trucks start out on the route until, upon reaching Russia, the goods are entrusted to the customs agent.

We use company vehicles, whose efficiency is constantly monitored. Our goal, in fact, is to make customers who choose us feel completely at ease with regard to truck transport of their products to Russia.

If you want to know more about how we work, contact us now and tell us your needs! We will answer as soon as possible and explain how we work in detail.



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Europa Service is a company, which operates in the export field. A sector in constant evolution and of capital importance for companies, especially in today's globalized world, which has been our reference point for many years now.


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