Transport to Russia

Transport to Russia


Our highly professional transport services to Russia are the result of decades of experience in a constantly evolving sector. Over time, we have kept up to date with the aim of consolidating our presence in the territory in the best possible way - we have a branch in Moscow - to guarantee optimum service to the customer.

Our services in detail

We are experts in freight transport to Russia and, as a leading company in the sector, we provide various services dedicated to companies. Among these we recall industrial groupage, as well as the yield of goods already customs cleared. Thanks also to the collaboration with very valid and selected partners, we have been managing international shipments, including those of dedicated and express goods for many years.
Our field of action also includes air and sea freight, not to mention international removals.

The value of knowledge of the territory

When it comes to transport to Russia, we need to open a parenthesis that goes over to the service itself. In fact, it is necessary to call into question two other aspects: the extension of the territory of the Russian Federation, the largest state in the world, and the complexity of local bureaucratic regulations.
Our company reality, thanks to the very important value that is the knowledge of the territory, is able to bypass these objective obstacles for the greatest possible speed of the shipments. In fact we have a branch in Moscow, which is really ideal for those looking for a business reality active in transport to Russia and able to offer the best service in a short time.
We deal with the management of all the necessary documentation and use company vehicles. The high number of requests for services that we receive, allows us to make trucks depart every 15 days along the Rome - Moscow route with groupage solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your shipments to Russia, you can rely on us. We have years and years of experience in road transport and not only. We can guarantee complete support, which includes the mother-tongue assistance for the duration of the shipment, as well as the advice on insurance formalities.
Our freight services in Russia are dedicated to many sectors, from clothing, to furniture, to hi-tech.
Nowadays, opening up to the international market is very important for competitiveness. To achieve these results, however, it is essential to rely on a reality capable of guaranteeing the highest quality in terms of international transport even in complex realities, such as the Russian Federation, a cultural and economic context of great importance for many companies.
If you want to know more and find out how we can support your company with the highest quality transport services to Russia, contact us now. We will answer you as soon as possible and we will illustrate our proposal in detail!


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Europa Service is a company, which operates in the export field. A sector in constant evolution and of capital importance for companies, especially in today's globalized world, which has been our reference point for many years now.


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