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Transport Services



Shipments to RussiaThe Russian Federation is an immense territory with very strict regulations, Italian companies often find it difficult to ship goods, but more than anything else to cope with the bureaucratic procedures that can slow down the delivery of the goods, but thanks to our headquarters in Moscow we can transport goods without problems and we deal with all the necessary documentation, in fact every 15 days a truck dedicated to the Rome - Moscow route leaves Rome in a groupage solution, due to the high demands of the service.
Dedicated and express shipments EUROPA SERVICE specialises in dedicated national and international transportation, characterized by exclusivity and complete customization of the service. Urgency is a condition in which any company can find itself: sudden mandatory deliveries, production delays, or other circumstances requiring maximum speed, for this reason we provide the customer with the possibility according to their requirements, to choose one of the vehicles of our most advanced vast fleet of vehicles of many different sizes to complete the required service in the best possible way. This type of transport is characterized as being "dedicated", therefore to a single customer who will be assigned an exclusive, trained and competent work team to carry out the shipment in the required time.
Packaging and Storage Services We specialise in complementary logistics work, with handling, picking and packaging services, all operated by our staff. Packaging is a professional skill, someone could say an art, so why not take advantage of our full packing service, where our team of experts will take care of everything for you. We carry out different types and methods of packaging:
Professional packaging and securing of paintings with or without frames. Paintings are another very delicate asset to which we dedicate a special packaging. If the frame has a glass, we block it with the paper tape, wrap the picture in polystyrene and bubble pack and we block it inside thick cardboard boxes. In case of very large pictures or by specific request of the customer, the safety procedure is the same but instead of cardboard, we opt for wooden crates which are built around the packed object. This method is also used for large quantities of paintings: placed in wooden crates and separated by thick layers of polystyrene.
For shipments of large quantities of goods or wine, packaging is made on certified Europallets. Various layers of crates or boxes are formed which are then wrapped with waterproof film that avoids movement or lifting from the platform. The packing and shipping service with pallets is subject to restrictions depending on the country of destination.
Our company designs and manufactures different types of made to measure packaging, including wooden crates manufactured according to the UNI 9151 Standard, unless otherwise provided by any specific or special requests of the customer. Thanks to a customized and approved design program we are able to supply transport crates of any type:
•Juxtaposed wood
•Tapped wood
To ensure the complete preservation of the goods up to the destination
The Warehouse
is the Logistics structure used for the deposit and storage of goods. It must be able to receive goods, store them and make them available for sorting, shipping and delivery. The Warehouse is a fundamental support for Logistics, that is to organize the various organizational, managerial and strategic activities that regulate the flows of incoming and outgoing goods. In our warehouses with more than 3000 sqm of space we welcome both regular pallets and irregular-sized goods such as the furnishing of an entire office as a result of removals or furnishings of entire Stores, Showrooms or Temporary Stores, (exhibitors, shelving, lighting fixtures and more). We also offer both medium/long term storage services and temporary storage, whether it be paper document archives or non-perishable food products, for which we have a specific area.
Air FreightEuropa Service also offers effective and high quality air transport services throughout the world, creating the ideal solution fully dedicated to the customer.
Sea FreightSea shipments with us are safe and simple, we are the ideal solution to ship goods safely overseas, we provide customs consultancy services and assistance in the production of all the necessary documentation.
National and international removalsEuropa Service has been dedicated to the care of the household and personal belongings of its customers for 35 years, we have the best shockproof and protective materials to best protect your furniture, fragile items, clothes, personal belongings. We also offer a dismantling and reassembly service, and resettlement in the new house.
Fairs and Events The skills gained from the outset have meant that today, we are considered an important reference point, to which more and more public and private bodies turn, when they need to rely on a commercial partner able to manage all the logistical and customs aspects, connected to the transport during events and fairs, organized in Italy or abroad in the best way. We make sure that everything you need for your trade shows or exhibitions all over Italy and Russia arrives at its destination. Display panels, furnishings, desks, samples from every sector and any type of material of any size or weight.

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Europa Service is a company, which operates in the export field. A sector in constant evolution and of capital importance for companies, especially in today's globalized world, which has been our reference point for many years now.


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