fine arts transports

National and international fine arts transport

The national and international transport of fine arts is an extremely complex and delicate activity.

Adequate means, techniques and personnel are needed to pack, move, handle and install the different types of fine arts: paintings, statues, antiques, photographic prints, various heirlooms and much more.

Moving an entire exhibition or even a single priceless piece is not a challenge to be approached superficially.

For this reason, art logistics and fine art transport can only be handled by transport companies specialising in the sector, such as Europa Service, which for 30 years has been handling art productions of various kinds, from modern-contemporary to classic, from the smallest works to the most demanding sculptures.

Specialists in packaging, handling and installation of fine arts

By its very definition, every work of art is a unique piece.

Its transport must therefore be tailor-made, starting with the packaging and ending with the installation at the destination.

The expertise and seriousness we have acquired in this specific sector have enabled us to establish an ongoing relationship with galleries, auction houses, artists, collectors and restorers.

These multiple experiences have led us to realise important exhibitions for private galleries, public institutions and foundations, both at home and abroad, as well as to attend some of the most important art fairs.

The packaging of fine arts

The packaging of fine arts must be carried out using special professional techniques and appropriate tools. At Europa Service we have specialised personnel who can take care of this delicate operation directly, using high quality materials: fireproof, air-conditioned and water-repellent containers (travel frames), tissue, polythene for soft packing, cartons and wooden crates with shockproof lining. The crates are designed directly by our team and are available both for sale and on loan. In addition, we have the possibility of keeping fine arts in custody, thanks to our warehouses where there are secure bunkers with 24-hour video surveillance that you can use.

Art handling and transport

As with packing, special equipment is needed for the handling of works of art. Our extensive company fleet includes vehicles equipped to meet all the needs of art logistics: trucks with trolleys and tail lifts, and vehicles equipped with satellite systems connected to operations centres that monitor their movements around the clock. This allows us to take charge of all removals of fine arts, even urgent ones.

Artwork delivery and installation

The transport of fine arts, especially when it involves a plurality of objects or even entire exhibitions, does not end when the load arrives at its destination, but also includes the installation of the works in their location. The Europa Service team also takes care of this delicate activity, dedicating to it all the care and scrupulousness it deserves, so that nothing is ruined while it is being taken out of its packaging and placed where required.

Cost estimate for Artwork transport

If you need a national or international artwork transport and would like to receive a quote from us to know the price, our team will be happy to put themselves at your disposal. You can contact us using the form by clicking on the button below or via Whatsapp at 320.8137632