international removals

International and intercontinental removals

Carrying out an international move is a doubly delicate operation.

Firstly, because moving is always a time of great stress for the mover, whether an individual or a company.

Secondly, when the move is international, further complications come into play, having to do, for example, with the handling of the passage of goods through customs or with compliance with different national laws.

For this reason, international removals must be entrusted to a specialised company such as Europa Service, which is able to take charge of the entire process: from packing to handling, from the storage of goods in the warehouse to setting up in the new premises.

In fact, thanks to thirty years of experience, we guarantee an effective international removals service, both European and intercontinental.

Over time, we have become a point of reference both for families who have decided to move house and for companies who need to move their offices.

During moving operations, we professionally take care of our customers’ household goods and possessions.

We have the best shockproof and protective materials for furniture, fragile objects, clothes, personal belongings.

We also offer a disassembly and reassembly service, relocation to the new home or location, storage and warehousing, and bureaucratic and legal assistance.

Removals to and from Eastern Europe and Russia

Having a Europa Service office in Moscow allows us to cover a large and complex geographical area such as Eastern Europe and Russiain a comprehensive andprofessional manner with our international removals services. In fact, these are countries with a complex regulatory and bureaucratic structure, which require special skills.

Removals to Eastern Europe and Russia, therefore, require specific skills, which we have developed over the years and which are not common in companies in the sector.

International and intercontinental removals service for every need

International removals by land

Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to offer efficient and fast international removals by road, covering all destinations in Europe and other continents.

International removals by air

We offer efficient and high-quality removals by air worldwide, creating the ideal solution dedicated entirely to the customer.

International removals by sea

We guarantee safe and easy removals by sea, even overseas; we provide customs and bureaucratic consultancy services.

Insured international removals

Insuring one’s possessions during an international move is one of the most important and delicate choices one has to make. One can decide not to take out any insurance policy and in this case the cargo will only travel covered by carrier liability, with minimal compensation in the event of damage or loss. Much wiser, however, is the choice to take out a specific insurance contract with a company. As part of the international removals service package, Europa Service takes care of this directly, on behalf of its customers, relieving them of bureaucratic tasks and saving them time and money.

International Removals Professional, fast and secure

The competence and professionalism of the international mover to whom you entrust your possessions is a fundamental value. Moving an entire house, an office or the headquarters of a company from one country to another (or even from one continent to another) is not a simple and risk-free operation, but one that requires experience, means and skills. You cannot improvise as an international removals company, but you have to be fast, reliable and accurate.

Industry knowledge

We have been in the international removals business for over 30 years and have developed solid experience and perfect knowledge of bureaucratic and customs regulations.

Accurate packing of goods

We offer a professional packing service, carried out by an experienced team that can also pack delicate and fragile goods, such as furniture, furnishings or clothes.

Secure storage

We guarantee both medium/long-term storage and temporary storage; our warehouses can accommodate regular and irregular pallets and large volumes of goods.

Full bureaucratic support

We provide our customers with full support, with mother-tongue assistance covering the entire duration of the move, and advice on insurance and customs paperwork.

Cost estimate for international removals

If you are in need of international removals and would like to receive a quote from our company to find out the price, our team will be happy to put themselves at your disposal. You can contact us using the form by clicking on the button below or via Whatsapp at 320.8137632