food transport

National and international food transport

The national and international transport of foodstuffs requires the adoption of specific procedures and suitable means, especially when it comes to fresh foodstuffs, even vacuum-packed, or which need to travel at a controlled temperature.

The Europa Service team of professionals is able to offer this delicate service, ensuring the transport of foodstuffs throughout Italy and abroad, according to the highest safety standards and with perfect compliance with HACCP regulations.

Food transport: speed, security and efficiency

Extensive distribution network

A network of contacts in Italy and around the world enables us to ensure fast deliveries throughout the country and abroad, even on an urgent basis.

Specialized equipment

In addition, we have 3 cold stores at our disposal so that we can always keep the food we have to transport at a controlled temperature.

Large vehicle fleet

The large number of road vehicles at our disposal, all isothermal and temperature-controlled, allows us to carry out full load, groupage and express shipments.

Secure storage

We guarantee both medium/long-term storage and temporary storage; our warehouses are equipped with three cold rooms and can accommodate regular and irregular pallets.

Food transport services in Italy and abroad

Canned and ambient temperature food transport

Thirty years of experience in the national and international transport sector enables us to offer maximum efficiency also in the handling of canned food loads at room temperature. We give our customers the assurance that the cargo arrives at its destination in perfect condition and is handled professionally and efficiently.

Transport of fresh vacuum packed foodstuffs

We transport vacuum-packed fresh foodstuffs, handling them with suitable means that allow for the best level of preservation. Every step, from packaging to delivery, is handled in full compliance with HACCP regulations, which guarantee the consumer that the products are safe.

Temperature-controlled food transport

Europa Service's vehicle fleet includes vehicles with a certified temperature control system. This enables the transport of foodstuffs that require a constant temperature (hot or cold).

Cost estimate for food transport

If you need national or international food transport and would like to receive a quote from our company to find out the price, our team will be happy to put themselves at your disposal. You can contact us using the form by clicking on the button below or via Whatsapp at 320.8137632