National transports

National transports

For around 30 years, Europa Service has been involved in national transport, moving goods of all kinds throughout Italy and guaranteeing its customers the utmost professionalism, safety and efficiency.

We take care of the cargo entrusted to us from every point of view, from packing to delivery.

In addition, we offer the possibility of an exclusive storage service for transported goods in our spacious warehouses, equipped with an alarm system connected to the operations centre.

Experience and a solid structure allow us to carry out national shipments of various types throughout Italy: by road, sea and air. Also in terms of operational solutions, we cover all areas of need:

Transport in Italy: speed, security and efficiency

Entrusting your goods to a solid national transport company is essential. Only a competent transport company with efficient means and contacts can ensure a service that lives up to expectations, with safe and punctual deliveries throughout Italy.

Extensive distribution network

A network of contacts throughout Italy enables us to ensure fast deliveries throughout the country, even on an urgent basis.

Large vehicle fleet

The large number of road vehicles at our disposal enables us to carry out both full load and groupage transports and express shipments.

Accurate packing service

We offer a professional packing service, carried out with top-of-the-range materials and by an experienced team, capable of carrying out packing even on delicate goods such as works of art.

Convenient warehouse storage service

We guarantee medium/long-term storage and temporary storage. We accommodate regular and irregular pallets in our warehouses and our three warehouses (1000 sqm each) can take care of large volumes of goods.

Dedicated national shipments: a tailor-made service for every customer

Europa Service’s range of shipments also includes an exclusive and dedicated national transport service, tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Total customization, in fact, makes it possible to meet the customer’s requirements in the best possible way, both in terms of delivery times and methods.

Above all, the customised national transport service can cope with all those unforeseen situations in which a company finds itself in need of organising an urgent shipment to Italy.

National freight cost estimate

If you need national transport and would like to receive a quote from our company to find out the price, our team will be happy to put itself at your disposal. You can contact us using the form below or via Whatsapp at 320.8147632