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Privacy policyPrivacy policy

Information provided in pursuance of Section 13 of the Privacy Code ( Legislative Decree no. 196/2003) for the use of cookies.


The processing of personal data will be performed in pursuance of art. 13 Legislative Decree no 196/2003, therefore personal data received through emails and the contact form will be stored on the computers of International Truck Service S.r.l.s.
Clients’ sensitive data will not be shared or disclosed to third parties.


Information on the management of Personal Data

This page describes the management of our web site in reference to the processing of personal data of the users consulting the site and accessing it by using the information request form. This information is provided in virtue of of Section 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the Code relative to personal data protection for those who interact solely and exclusively with the services of the web site: for the protection of personal data.


Data Controller

 The data controller of International Truck Service S.r.l.s. is Maria Faraoni, with offices in Via S.M. le Quinte, 600 - 00077 Montecompatri (Rm)


Place where data is processed

The processing operations connected to the web-based services of this web site are carried out at the aforementioned office exclusively by authorized staff, or by possible technical staff in charge of the said processing. No data resulting from web-based services is either communicated or disseminated. Any personal data provided by users requesting information is used solely to provide the service or to reply to the requests received through the web site.


Processing arrangements

Personal data is processed with automated means for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which it has been collected.


Data Subjects' Rights

(Section 7 Legislative Decree no. 196/03)

Data subjects are entitled at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them and to be informed of their contents and origin, to verify their accuracy, or to request that such data be supplemented, updated or rectified (Section 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).
The above Section also provides for the right to request erasure, anonymization or blocking of any data that is processed in breach of the law as well as the right to object in all cases, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of the data.



Management of Cookies


Il cookieWhat is a cookie

Cookies (from English literally meaning biscuits) are small text files that are sent by the website and stored on the browser used by any device such as tablets, PCs , smart phones.


Cosa fa il cookieWhat do the cookies do

Cookies are used for several purposes and functions  the main one being to store specific information from users who access the website, their preferences, data and information on the use of the website, to provide them to the owners or controllers of the site. Cookies are also used to make the site navigation faster and smoother.


Tipologia cookieTypes of Cookies

Cookies may be distinguished into different groups: "technical" cookies,  "profiling" cookies and “third parties” cookies.


Cookie TecniciTechnical Cookies

These cookies do not require consent from the user , as they are key to the functionality and navigability of the website . In fact , without these cookies , the site might not work properly.
The information they  retrieve while accessing the site are purely technical; the number of visitors , the way in which the user utilizes the website, page viewing mode, the time spent on every single page , the internal navigation mode , etc . They are useful to improve navigability and performance of the website .



Cookie di profilazioneProfiling Cookies 

These cookies have the function and purpose of monitoring and profiling user behavior , useful to trace their visits, their habits, their preferences and consultation research,  appropriate in order to create and send targeted advertising and services , in line with the preferences expressed by the user .


Cookie di terze partiThird Parties Cookies

These cookies usually have the function of profiling users , are owned by third-parties , as they are housed within the pages of the website in the form of banner  ads , social netoworks,  images , videos , etc


Cookie negazioneTo disable third party profiling cookies go to the following website:


Cookie negazioneEnabling cookies

Granting permission for the use of cookies is achieved by clicking the Ok button on the information banner, by closing the banner, by scrolling the page of the website or by clicking any page on the website.


Disabilitare l’utilizzo di cookies mediante il browseDisabling the use of cookies with the browser

The use of cookies of  a website can be disabled by using the settngs on the browser used. Each browser has different settings to disable cookies, however , disabling certain cookies that are essential for the delivery of the site's functionality, could cause its malfunctioning .
By default all browsers accept all types of cookies .
For more details or information , refer to the consultation of the guidelines of the relative browser .



Browser Internet ExplorerBrowserInternet Explorer

Impostazioni cookie  From the browser menu click on Tools - Internet Options- Privacy – Advanced privacy settings

Link: Microsoft Internet Explorer


Browser Mozilla FirefoxBrowserMozilla Firefox

Impostazioni cookie  From the browser menu click on Tools - Internet Options and Privacy –History –select use custom settings for history.

Link: Mozilla Firefox


SafariBrowserApple Safari

Impostazioni cookie  From the browser menu click Preferences- Privacy

Link: Apple Safari


Google ChromeBrowserGoogle Chrome

Impostazioni cookie  From the browser menu click Settings – Show Advanced Settings – Privacy Contents Settings

Link: Google Chrome


Browser OperaBrowserOpera

Impostazioni cookie  From the browser menu click Preferences -Advanced - Cookies

Link: Opera



Disable cookies


If you wish to disable cookies, follow the above indications.







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