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An international and family company at the same time: why is it so important?

Europa Service represents a more unique than rare case of a small family business that continues to be a leader in the international transport and removals sector. This is possible because the guarantee of an efficient, safe and quality service has built a community of customers around us who trust us and how we work.

Europa service: an international family business

Today, finding a family business in the international transport and removals sector is increasingly difficult.

In recent decades, in fact, the dynamics of globalization have favored the emergence of large multinational companies, while small and medium-sized enterprises tend to disappear.

In this sense, Europa Service represents a more unique than rare case of a small family business that continues to be a leader in this sector, which is increasingly important and strategic nowadays.

For us, working as a family business represents not only a source of pride, but also a fundamental factor for the efficiency and quality of our services.

In fact, if the final objective of large multinational companies is very often linked to the quantity of goods, products and services offered, however, for a company like Europa Service, rather than increasing quantity, constant improvement in quality is fundamental of the service offered.

Customer trust at the center of our mission

Every customer who relies on Europa Service has the opportunity to carry out a knowledge interview with the owners of the company, who illustrate in a clear and detailed manner not only our services, but also the methods of work and the principles that guide us in the various steps.

Thus, at the center of our mission is the trust of the customer, who with us is directly in contact with the owner of the company, while our qualified and professional employees have a support and implementation function of the service.

With three decades of experience behind us, we can affirm that this direct contact with the owner represents a decisive element in never making the customer feel the stress involved in having to organize a complex and delicate matter such as transport or a international move.

For any doubts or concerns that the customer may have, the owner of Europa Service is always available and remains operational in supporting all phases of the service.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force of Europa Service

How is it possible, therefore, that a family business like Europa Service is able to be competitive on an international market?

Because the satisfaction of our customers, their loyalty and the trust they place in the seriousness of our company are the best driving force for our work.

Thanks to highly qualified and trained staff, the use of latest generation packaging products which allow for the best protection of goods and a vehicle fleet always updated and in step with the times, we are able to guarantee an excellent quality service.

Thus, a reality that seems incompatible with current market trends at an economic level, instead proves to be extremely compatible, indeed perfectly compliant, with the needs of customers who are looking for a reliable company for their international transport.

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