Europa Service owned by Faraoni Adolfo - National and international transport company

Europa Service is a transport company that was founded in Rome in the 1980s and that today can also boast an office in Moscow. From the very beginning, its founder, Adolfo Faraoni, chose to focus on exports, understood not as a simple business sector but as a real mentality, which makes the difference between a successful company and one unable to keep up with the times. This conviction has led us to develop in-depth experience in the transport and removals sector, both domestic and international, with a specific focus on transport to and from Russia.

The values that Europa Service stands for today are those of our origins, which are part of our family’s DNA. This is why we are all directly involved in company management. After all, the family dimension is one of the secrets of our success, because it makes employees feel at home and gives customers the pleasant feeling of seeing their goods treated with extreme care and importance.

Leader in export and international removals

Europa Service is to all intents and purposes a leading company in the transport and removals sector, capable of satisfying its customers with a comprehensive offer. In addition to lorry transport to Russia, which is the core of our offer, we also provide qualified national and international transport and removals services, as well as the transport of works of art and foodstuffs. We take care of everything related to shipping, whether by land, air or sea, including customs advice and bureaucratic assistance. We offer solutions for full load transport, groupage, project transport and dedicated and express shipments.

Europa Service is therefore the right partner for companies that want to grow on an international scale, but also for organisations and institutions that need a first-class service. Dedication to each project, knowledge of local realities and a direct line with forwarding agents and other professionals allow us to represent a fundamental reference for more than thirty years.

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