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Europa Service of Faraoni Adolfo is a company that was founded in Rome in the roaring 80s. Since then, its founders have understood the strategic importance of export, not a simple sector, but a crucial attitude, which is essential for companies who want to grow and prosper. This approach has allowed Europa Service to specialize in transport services to Russia.

Knowledge of the territory

When it comes to international transport, it is essential to take into consideration the knowledge of the foreign territory where the company mainly operates. In the case of Europa Service, a reality founded in Italy with an international scope and with the knowledge of the political and bureaucratic characteristics of the Russian Federation it is an undoubted value.
In fact, when talking about Russia, there is a context where it is necessary to juggle numerous bureaucratic procedures. In order to better cope with the situation, it is necessary to rely on high-level partners for truck transport to Russia.
Europa Service has been managing them for many years, dealing with groupage (shipping that brings together small batches from different senders of the same country), dedicated and express shipments, shipping of special materials.

Leader in the field of exports and international removals

Europa Service is in fact a leading company in the transport sector. Over the years, customers have followed one after the other satisfied with a very complete proposal, which includes both truck transport to Russia, national and international transport and removals.
The specific attention to the safety of the customer's personal effects and the support up to the completion of the new home or the new office make Europa Service a reference not only for company realities, but also for private individuals.
Air and sea freight Inquiring about all the commitment behind the success of Europa Service, means also remembering the possibility of using international and intercontinental air and sea freight services.
The company, which boasts many national companies and not only in its customer portfolio, deals with everything related to the shipment, including customs consultancy.

A strategic partner for your business.

Europa Service is the right partner for those who want to grow on an international scale. Dedication for every project, knowledge of local realities and direct line with shippers and other professionals have allowed the company to represent a fundamental reference for more than thirty years.

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Europa Service is a company, which operates in the export field. A sector in constant evolution and of capital importance for companies, especially in today's globalized world, which has been our reference point for many years now.


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